Distance Learning

At St. John Vianney Catholic School, we proudly work to ensure a quality academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual education to all students.  It is our belief that education should continue whether on campus or at home through distance learning. In such circumstances, we recognize the need for clear expectations regarding how a Distance Learning Plan would be implemented at our school.  

Our plan for Distance Learning is a partnership and its success depends on the careful planning of our dedicated faculty, engagement and motivation of our students, and strong parent support for this alternative mode of instruction.  The result of this collaboration will support students’ academic growth and well-being.  As a team, we are prepared to embrace this challenge as an opportunity and know that our incredible students and families are as well.

Distance Learning Platforms

The following online platforms support both Distance Learning and faculty/student/family collaboration to ensure a quality student learning experience when planning and delivering curriculum remotely:
  1. ParentSquare (preferred) messages
    • The communication tools used to contact and communicate with SJV faculty and families, TK-Grade 8.
  2. Google Classroom tools
    • The online platform used by all grades for student assignments
  3. Zoom, email, ParentSquare and Google Drive tools
    • Used by faculty for online collaboration and remote instructional planning.
    • Zoom - used by students, teachers, and parents

Roles And Responsibilities


Distance Learning Resources

The following resources can be useful for distance learning.

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Pic 2
Pic 3

Check our growing Pinterest boards for resources that will help you and your family: https://www.pinterest.com/sjv_vikings/boards/

Need some guidance on how to structure your student's day? Download and print these guides to help you create a learning routine that will may work for your family.