Transitional Kindergarten Curriculum

Curriculum follows California Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards

St. John Vianney’s Transitional Kindergarten (“TK”) is a Catholic, standards-based, Pre-Kindergarten program with instruction by a certified teacher.  Cooperation, respect, and collaboration are central to our shared learning experience. Each day begins and ends with community prayer and joy-filled Christian songs. Our TK class will be fully involved in the school faith community with TK students attending Mass & prayer services and participating in school-wide service projects. It’s an exciting year for the littlest ones at St. John Vianney Catholic School!

TK curriculum activities are planned to meet the needs of four-year-olds and young five-year-olds. In addition to the academic curriculum, our TK students become increasingly comfortable with structure and routine and develop important social practices and emotional awareness, like showing kindness and respect, following directions, administering self-care and being responsible for their belongings. They also begin to grasp their valued place as an individual within a classroom setting and understand important concepts like working together, being empathetic and mindful of one another needs, and taking pride in tidying up their shared space. Centers, such as “Birdie’s Book Bunk,” “Froggy’s Friendship Fort,” and “Coco’s Counting Corner” enable discovery and exploration to stretch the imagination.

TK learning fosters important skills through language arts, mathematics, interactive and dramatic play, music, art, technology, science, and social studies – preparing students for success in Kindergarten.

The goal of St. John Vianney’s TK is to provide a fun, positive, small group setting that encourages a love of learning, develops a sense of community, and prepares your child for Kindergarten in a faith-filled environment.