To enhance our Catholic teachings, the students from each grade level attend Mass one morning a week. The priest’s homily is customized to the level of students’ understanding. Once a month the students and staff of Saint John Vianney Catholic School come together to attend Mass as one community. Classes attend with their Big/Little Buddies to build community among the students. Each month a different grade level serves as hosts of the Mass. They learn how to prepare and participate with the monthly Mass, as Greeters, Liturgical Readers, Prayer Intention Readers, and Bearers of the Gifts.

Additionally, each grade hosts one family mass per month during the school year, which takes place at the Sunday 9 AM Mass.

Daily Prayer

Each day the school assemble together to pray together. On Wednesdays, Student Council share over the PA System The Good News and prayers. Prayers are prayed in the classrooms before school, before snack recess, after recess, before lunch recess, after lunch recess, and prior to leaving for the day. Each school day at 11 AM there is a prayer bell. This is when we pray as a whole school community for our intentions.

Liturgical Art Environment

Once a month, a group of students create bouquets for the glory of God. Learning about creativity and design they arrange several floral arrangements, using a variety of flowers, leaves and sticks which enhances the liturgical environment for the coming week.

Community Service

The staff is encouraged to serve the community by volunteering through a variety of outreach programs. Charities that are served include but not limited to: HomeFirst, Sacred Heart Food Center, Second Harvest Food Bank, The American Heart Association, Leukemia Foundation, Rice Bowl, Learning and Loving Education Center, Operation Santa, Humane Society of Silicon Valley, and St. Vincent de Paul.

Student Service

The students at St. John Vianney Catholic School are expected to serve the community. Students have volunteered in the summer for the Village House, which is serving the homeless by preparing and serving food.

Additionally, each grade level decides on certain needs in the community to support and follow through with a variety of projects. These can include making blankets for the children’s hospital, collecting pet items for the Humane Society, or bringing in pennies for Leukemia patients. They make placemats and write cards of encouragement for the homeless. Blessing bags are collected and put together with toothbrushes and toothpaste along with other sundries to give to HomeFirst. Each December, the school participates in a 9 day Novena where each day a different non-profit is supported through student donations. It can be collecting baby formula and diapers for the homeless family shelter, cans of food, cereal, and rice for Sacred Heart to bringing in toys and books for children centers. Students live by Deeds Not Words here through their kind service to others.