The Extended Care program at St. John Vianney Catholic School strives to provide a safe, secure, stimulating, and spiritual environment for all students enrolled in the program. The program provides socialization and enrichment activities grounded in Gospel values.

St. John Vianney Catholic School Statement of Philosophy

The program is an extension of the regular school day. Child care is provided before and after school for families whose children are enrolled in Grades TK-8. The program emphasizes social and spiritual growth, life skills, arts, crafts and physical activities, in addition to monitored homework time. Snacks are also provided to students enrolled in Extended Care after school.

To register for Extended Care, contact Co-Directors: Cindy Perea & Tessa Isola. Direct line to Extended Care is (408) 729-8040. Email address is:

Extended Child Care Objectives

  • To provide an extended care program in a Christian environment.
  • To create a family bond between children of different age, grade and cultural backgrounds.
  • To provide quiet time for the completion of homework assignments. Extended Care staff will assist students as needed with their homework.
  • To offer a variety of activities that enhances the school’s curriculum.

Hours Of Operation

Regular and Minimum Days:  7:00AM until school begins, and from dismissal to 6:00 PM

Early Drop-Off Or Late Pick-Up Fee

A late pick-up fee of $5.00 per minute for each child will be charged through FACTS if the staff is kept past 6:00PM. If this does occur, a call will be made to the parents. If no response, a call will be made to persons listed on the Emergency information.

Discipline Policy

St. John Vianney Catholic School’s Extended Care program is an extension of the school and follows the school’s discipline policy. Registration of your child or children in Extended Care is equivalent to a commitment on the parents and students.

Emergency Policy

In the event of an emergency, all possible measures will be taken to contact the parents first.

  • If the parents are contacted, we will follow their plan of action. If we are unable to contact the parents, we will call persons listed on the Emergency Contacts.
  • If the emergency is life-threatening, we will make arrangements immediately and then will contact the parents.
  • It is extremely important to keep all information in PowerSchool updated.