Grounded in our Catholic faith, St. John Vianney Catholic School is dedicated to teaching and living Gospel values. In partnership with families, parish, and community, we cultivate a safe, loving, and diverse environment where children build a strong academic foundation, contribute positively, and learn and grow in their Catholic faith.


St. John Vianney Catholic School is committed to the educational ministry of the Roman Catholic Church. We strive to form a community of self-directed learners who focus on Gospel values, experience spiritual growth, demonstrate academic excellence, and live as Christian stewards. We believe a Catholic education transforms students’ lives when:
  • Each child is called to grow in faith by learning about, exploring, and modeling the teachings of Jesus Christ.

  • Children are provided with an educational experience that promotes spiritual, academic, and physical well-being, and validates uniqueness.

  • Teachers facilitate academic excellence, critical thinking, and
    technological competence, enabling students to be responsible

  • The family and school work in partnership to support children

    as they become vital members of the Catholic Church in local
    and global communities.

  • The school integrates Catholic values and social justice into
    the curriculum.