Physical Education

The Rhythm and Moves physical education curriculum teaches students successful ways of moving so they enjoy physical activity while learning that being physically fit and healthy is good for their physical, emotional and social well-being. My goal is to engage each student – revealing their inner potential to embrace physical activity and life-long health and fitness. The expected outcomes of the program continue to evolve to address the changing needs regarding health and fitness in an ever-evolving society.

Health and fitness concepts are introduced throughout each unit, focusing on individual health and fitness that will enhance performance of the specific movement or sport being taught. The foundation of our curriculum is based on Laban’s Movement Education Principals and the TGFU (Teaching Games for Understanding) Model for teaching sport skills and concepts as noted below:

  • Invasion Games: Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse, Football and Handball
  • Net/Wall Games: Volleyball, Racket sports, Pickleball
  • Striking and Fielding Games: Softball, Cricket, Kickball, Baseball
  • Target Games: Bowling, Frisbee
  • Individual Pursuits: Tumbling, Dance, Fitness and Track


The general objectives of each lesson are based on the SHAPE National Standards for physical education kindergarten – eighth grade.

At the elementary level, our curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of movement by developing an appreciation for a variety of skills and physical activities. Students learn to feel kinesthetically confident and competent, increasing the likelihood they will continue to enjoy and look for more opportunities for physical activity later in life.

At the middle school level, students move from concrete to abstract thinking. Instructional strategies and curricular content support this shift in thinking by scaffolding curriculum content towards individual interests, allowing for students to draw their own conclusions through cooperative learning scenarios.

Our curriculum provides students with experiences where they have the opportunity to think critically about their fitness, and set lifelong goals for an active lifestyle. Our physical education classroom, students develop the crucial tools needed early on for a healthy and active lifestyle after graduation.