Since October 2020, our school has been using the Concurrent Learning Model as students have returned to in-class learning while other students continue to learn at home. Learn more about this leaning model and how our teachers and staff are supporting each other as well as their students.

What is the Concurrent Learning Model?

St. John Vianney Catholic School has been using the Concurrent Learning Model since October 2020 with students who have returned to in-class learning while other students continue to learn at home. Our teachers have been engaging our students and we’re thankful they are supporting of other as well.  The concurrent model is a fairly new concept in the K-12 setting. However, this model has existed in the college and university setting for quite some time, early example being the Hyflex model.  Our IT Manager, Mr. Pine, has been patient and supportive to our students and their families, teachers and staff as well. This adjustment to a learning model relies heavily on the technology aspect. Since technology is integrated into each grade level at SJV and begins in TK, our students use iPads with adaptive software programs. Each student is one to one with their own iPad and has access to adaptive software along with the Google platform suite.

The Benefits of the Concurrent Learning Model

There are many benefits to concurrent teaching, such as in-person and virtual students having the same teacher with that teacher only having to plan for one lesson delivery as opposed to two (in-person and virtual). This method provides one “classroom” community, allowing virtual students to participate in real time with their in-person peers to provide connection and build culture. We’re thrilled to share that our students are not only learning, but thriving in their studies as well!  If you are interested in learning more about our school and how our students are continuing to learn and thrive during the pandemic, join our next Virtual Open House event! Sign up to be notified of the next event at Open House page. We look forward to sharing what makes our school unique!

For updates on how we’re keeping out students, faculty and staff safe, please visit our COVID page.