SJV Yearbook

Each school year holds many special memories captured through the lens of our parents and yearbook committee members. Every student receives a yearbook to commemorate the special events, moments and activities of the year — from team sports to field trips and holidays and community work. Whether inside the classroom or outside in the garden, we aim to capture these moments to treasure for years to come. 
Parents have the option to upgrade their student's yearbook to include personalized pages to add their personal touches and stories to the school year. Let's make it a great year, Vikings!

2020-2021 SJV Yearbook

Each year, our yearbook captures all of the events and activities of the SJV school year. This year's theme is HOPE, which is befitting for a challenging year. It will also shows how resilient, adaptive and amazing our students are during this school year. Stay tuned! The yearbook cover will be revealed before we go to production. Every student will receive a standard yearbook.


Personalize Your Student's Yearbook!

Make this school year's book all about your child by UPGRADING to personalized yearbook pages, which includes 4 pages to add your own photos and wording. Additional personalization includes foil-stamping of your student's name on the bottom of the front cover.
Hardcover yearbook (for 8th Grade students ONLY): $18
Softcover yearbook (for Grades TK through 7th Grade): $10

8TH Grade Dedications

This year the 8th Grade dedication process is a seamless online process! You can pay, create,  and submit a dedication for your graduating student online through the link below (just click the button)!
Dedication size is 1/4 of page and are $35/dedication.
Dedications are due 3/31/2021.
Use the button below to pay online and add your 8th Grade dedication!

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(Disregard the deadline mentioned in the video)

Submit Your Photos

Parents, we need your photos to help us fill the pages of the yearbook!

Please use the button below to upload  photos and make sure to label the image with what the subject & grade, too!

Questions about the yearbook should be sent to
Thank you from the SJV Yearbook Committee!

2019-2020 SJV Yearbook

Every year, the SJV Yearbook Committee puts together a keepsake book that holds all of the school year's memories. We are excited to share the cover of the 2019-2020 yearbook! Within the pages of this yearbook are wonderful memories of the school year and messages from our Principal. We hope that students and parents will re-visit these pages again over the years to remember just how special this year has been!

THANK YOU to the amazing parent volunteers who make up the SJV Yearbook Committee for their hard work of capturing every event, activity, and sports event that makes SJV unique. This yearbook couldn't have been possible without the collaborative efforts of our school community — parents, teachers, staff and students!

Additional copies of the 2019-2020 SJV Yearbook can be purchased online using the button below: